Marine PV stable yelds

Stable yields over the long-term

While the performance of glass-foil modules facing sharp decreases after 20 years at the latest due week stability of encapsulation structure, higher quality MARINE PV modules assures long-lasting performance over 30 years. However, manufacturing of MARINE PV module is quite complicated, demanded for specially intended machinery and knowledge.

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The solar panels on floating solar platforms give a 5-10% higher output than rooftop systems in the same geographical region. This is due to the cooling effect of water and additional light reflections from the water surface.

viasolis marine pv thermo insulation

Protected by thermo-sealing

The Life time with in stable and lowest as possible degradation is the best value evaluation of PV module. Technically, those features depend on encapsulation technology and features of the encapsulation materials to remain stable during number of thermo cycles, constant UV array and water vapour diffusion which is measured by the amount of the water to be absorbed by sc.m. of encapsulation material per day (g/m2/day).

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Due to additional thermo sealing applied at 100% of module perimeter, ViaSolis Marine module becomes 1000 times water vapour diffusion tighter comparing to conventional modules, produced using the best water tight foil, widely claimed to be capable of floating PV

1000 times better water vapor diffusion tight


Better performance

The glass is 3 times better thermal conductor than polymer-based back sheet used by conventional modules..

viasolis-marine-pv-better performance 1


Wider spectrum of use

Encapsulate used in ViaSolis modules has a 20% higher transmission of light in UVB range, that measurably improves power output of the module due to increased performance at low solar radiation conditions (for example on cloudy days, mornings and evenings).

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Key features


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