Building integrated
energy solutions –
an inevitable part of

The global market for zero-energy buildings is projected to achieve explosive growth from $629.3 million in 2014 to $1.4 trillion by 2035.

All of them will demand
Building Integrated renewables (BIPV)




Power Harvesting Facade Cladding

Matinex is a novel high-tech product developed as answer to the architect community integrate solar power generation in to building envelop keep focusing on Architecture and Sustainability.


Beauty of Colors and Aesthetic

In contrast to the presently available BIPV solutions Matinex has a quantifiable benefit - availability in various colors and has a beautiful opaque finish, making the inner Photovoltaic cell invisible and thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of the Power Cladding.


Easy to install

Matinex Power Cladding designed for versatility and functional coverage equally. The Panels are ready to install, have brackets bonded to the back to conceal the fixing and reduce installation time. Installation is executed in the same.


Why Matinex ?

- Energy production

- Relatively low construction costs considering
generated income due produced energy

- Energy savings and reduced environmental
impacts due greater thermal insulation both
in winter and in summer

- Aesthetic palate of Colors

- Easy and simple mounting

Color & Beauty

Imagine an entire facade in electric blue or terracotta solar panels without visible solar elements – that is Matinex Power Harvesting Cladding. It is available in various colors and has a beautiful opaque finish, making the inner workings of the Photovoltaic cell invisible and thus enhancing the overall aesthetics of the Power Cladding and avoiding glare effects. Color is achieved by applying environmentally friendly nanotechnology glass-surface treatments optimized to Photovoltaic. Result of it- record-highest industry efficiency. Once the glass has taken the colors, it becomes part of the glass with no possible change.

Dimensions & Flexibility

The Matinex Power Harvesting Cladding glass is produced in various dimensions can be processed in the same way as standard façade-second skin glass in order to fit customer expectations.



Investment in to the

In contrast to the standard building envelop materials, Matinex has a uniquely quantifiable benefit - generation of electricity powers the building. Generating your own power significantly reduces the energy bills and diminish building maintenance costs. Considering 40-year longevity of Product and constantly rising utility rates, Matinex Power Harvesting Cladding becoming probably cheapest building envelop material suitable improve economical investment rations to the real estate owners.

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Public, which is not familiar with recent developments of Photovoltaic industry, stereotypically consider that solar solutions can generate electricity „just for fun“ rather reasonable coverage of demand of the building. However, world-wide experience demonstrates absolutely opposite picture: Matinex Power Harvesting Cladding façade could supply 100% of electricity consumed by the building.

Investment evalutation & PRICE

Are you weighing conventional building envelope against solar solutions, what is going to be less expensive to install? Consider the savings from building materials and labor that would normaly be used to construct the part if the building that solar modules replace and you will see that in reality,

PV cost are practically the same as standard
building material cost


Buildings are becoming more intelligent and efficient, adoption of building-scale renewables
is accelerating and new products are demanded to the traditional architecture.


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